REKKIS (Working title in English: “Trucker”)

December 2022
B-gallery Project Space

REKKIS was a partly autobiographical exhibition about masculine gender expression and history of butch lesbians called “truckers” (in Finnish “rekkis” or “rekkalesbo”).   The first REKKIS exhibition took place in December 2022 at B-gallery Project Space, Turku and was seen by 170 visitors.

The first chapter of the REKKIS graphic novel was on display at the exhibition and is still a work in progress. After the exhibition, the project has continued in interiews of queer-identifying people.  

The goal of the REKKIS -project is to reflect the experience of identifying butch as a Finnish person. While working on the project I have continued to educate myself of the history of queers and lesbians in Finnish and English.

REKKIS project has beensupported by Kone Foundation, Finnish Arts Promotion Centre, City of Turku, Grafia and Finnish Comics Professionals.

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