Siiri Viljakka (born 1995 in Varkaus, Finland) is a comic artist, illustrator and visual artist based in Turku, Finland. In her artwork she often focuses on queer struggles, intimacy and remedial stories. Her style can be recognized from organic contrasts and roughness combined with details. Her handprint originates from years of practice in live model drawing and excessive consumption of Finnish experimenal comics and manga as a tween.  

Viljakka’s first graphic novel Kohti sumua (Towards the Fog) was published in Spring 2022. The 280-page comic tells a story of two women falling in love on a mysterious lighthouse island.

Viljakka is currently working on REKKIS (TRUCKER), an autobiographical project combining comics and drawings about butch identity. She is also illustrating comic pages storyboarded by her colleague Tuomas Myllylä to a bookproject ÖRKIT (ORCS). ÖRKIT is a high-fantasy tale about a violent female orc seekind redemption.

Viljakka graduated as a visual artist from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2020. She is part of  The Finnish Illustration Association and the Finnish Comics Professionals organization.

When Viljakka is not by the drawing desk, she usually spends her time baking sourdough bread and feeding it to her friends. 

© Siiri Viljakka 2022