On April 2022, I took part to an performance in Turku Sibelius Musem. I documented the performance by drawing from observation with ink on paper. For drawing I used branches from the Saari residence. The drawings finished during the performance have been donated to the Sibelius Museum.

A theatrical ecology with
Elie Halonen & Satu Hakamäki – shibari dance performance
Pia Palme – composition/subbass recorders
Mari Zhiginas – Voice
Tuomas Laitinen – dialogist
Siiri Viljakka – live sketching
Storyboard by Palme/Halonen/Hakamäki/Laitinen
Videos by Pia Palme

All artists are currently fellows at the Saari Residence maintained by Kone Foundation.

On a former island is a theatrical ecology that brings together sound, dance, text, humans, visuals, paper, plant material, and anorganic matter and was developed for the Sibelius Museum. The piece was initiated by the composer and artistic researcher Pia Palme (Austria) and conceived, developed, and staged with Elie Halonen, Satu Hakamäki and Tuomas Laitinen (Finland). The artists met during their residence at Saari in March and April, found that they share a deep connection with nature and ecology in art, and decided to enter a risky collaborative process. For all of them, the interaction of disciplines in this form was new and offered space for joyful experimentation and discovery. They further joined with vocal artist Mari Zhiginas (Ukraine). Siiri Viljakka, comic artist, projects the performance onto paper by means of simultaneous sketching and drawing.

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